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Grain Oriented Electrical Steel

.18mm (.007) M2

.23mm (.009) M3

.23mm (.009) MOH/Hi-B

.23mm (.009) DR-MOH/Hi-B

.27mm (.011) M4

.27mm (.011) MOH/Hi-B

.27mm (.011) DR-MOH/Hi-B

.30mm (.012) M5

.35mm (.014) M6

Non Grain Oriented Electrical Steel

.35mm (.014) M10

.35mm (.014) M15/N250

.35mm (.014) M19/N270


Precision Slit Coils


DG Gap Cores

Wound Cores

Core Cutting

Butt Shearing

Mitre Shearing

Assembled Core Legs

Toll Slitting

Grain-Oriented Electrical Steel (GOES)

Developed from iron-silicon alloys in order to provide low core loss and high permeability, which is necessary for efficient and economical electrical transformers. Available in a wide-range of grades to ensure superior magnetic properties in the rolling direction.

Non-Oriented Electrical Steel (NOES)

Developed using a specialized rolling and annealing process, non-oriented electrical steel is an iron-silicon alloy.

Magnetic properties are practically the same in any direction to ensure a lower than average core loss and good gage uniformity, a particular benefit in stacking.


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