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ALLOY 333 (N06333)


UNS N06333 Product Form

Plate, sheet and strip Bar, forgings
Welded pipe
Welded tube
Seamless pipe and tube


B 718 5593 B 719 5717 B 723 — B 726 — B 722


  • Outstanding long-term oxidation resistance to 2200°F.
  • Exceptional carburization resistance
  • Excellent thermal shock and fatigue life
  • Hot salt corrosion resistance
  • Good metal dusting (catastrophic carburization) resistance
  • Resistance to chloride and polythionic acid stress corrosion
  • Sulfuric and nitric acid corrosion resistanceApplications
  • Tube hangers in refineries and power boilers
  • Heat treating muffles, retorts and fixtures
  • Radiant tubes
  • Flare tips
  • Stack dampers
  • Rotary kilns
  • Molten glass process equipment
  • Furnace fans and shafts
  • Gas turbine combustion chambers
  • Carburizing furnace conveyor chains, belt pinsChemical Composition, %
    min. max.

Nickel 44.00 47.00 Chromium 24.00 27.00 Molybdenum 2.50 4.00 Cobalt 2.50 4.00 Tungsten 2.50 4.00 Carbon — 0.08 Silicon 0.75 1.50

Manganese Phosphorus Sulfur

UNS N06333

— 2.00 — 0.030 — 0.030

Remainder W. Nr. 2.4608

Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranty: In no event will South Coast Industrial Metals or any of its affiliates be liable for any damages arising from the use of the information included in this document or that it is suitable for the ‘applications’ noted. We believe the information and data provided to be accurate to the best of our knowledge but, all data is considered typical values only. It is intended for reference and general information and not recommended for specification, design or engineering purposes. South Coast Industrial Metals, Inc. assumes no implied or express warranty in regard to the creation or accuracy of the data provided in this document.