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70/30 CU/NI (C71500)


The following specifications cover Copper Alloys C71500

  • ASME SB111
  • ASME SB171
  • ASME SB359
  • ASME SB395
  • ASME SB466
  • ASME SB467
  • ASME SB543
  • ASTM B111
  • ASTM B122
  • ASTM B151
  • ASTM B171
  • ASTM B359
  • ASTM B395
  • ASTM B432
  • ASTM B466
  • ASTM B543
  • ASTM B552
  • ASTM B608
  • ASTM F467
  • ASTM F468
  • DIN 2.0882
  • MIL C-15726
  • MIL T-15005
  • MIL T-16420
  • MIL T-22214
  • SAE J461
  • SAE J463
  • UNS C71500

Property Results

Related Metals:

  • Copper Nickel, C715
  • 70-30 Cupro Nickel


Chemistry Data : 

Iron 0.4 – 1
Lead 0.05 max
Manganese 1 max
Nickel Includes Co
Remainder Each Cu, including Ag
Remainder Total Cu + sum of named elements 99.5 min
Zinc 1 max

Principal Design Features Copper Nickels (Copper-Nickel), Copper-Nickel, 30%. Excellent corrosion resistance, especially in marine environments. Moderately high strength, good creep resistance at elevated temperatures. Properties generally increase with nickel content. Relatively high in cost compared with copper-aluminum and other alloys with similar mechanical properties.

Applications Copper-nickels are mainly used for seawater service as forged and machined valve and pump components, fittings and hardware. Used where high corrosion resistance is required and where concern over chloride stress-corrosion cracking prevents use of stainless steels.

Machinability The machinability rating of this alloy is 20. (Where Alloy 360 FC Brass is 100).

Welding Soldering of this alloy is rated as “excellent”, brazing is rated as “excellent”, oxyacetylene welding is rated as “good”, gas shielded arc welding is rated as “excellent”, coated metal arc welding is rated as “excellent”, spot welding is rated as “excellent”, seam welding is rated as “excellent”, and butt welding is rated as “excellent”.

Forging The hot forgeability rating of this alloy is unknown. (Forging Brass=100). The recommended hot working temperature for this alloy is between 1700 and 1900 F.

Hot Working This alloy’s capacity for being hot formed is rated as “good”.

Cold Working The capacity for cold working this alloy is rated as “good”.

Annealing The annealing temperature for this alloy is between 1200 and 1500 F.

Physical Data : 

Density (lb / cu. in.) 0.323
Electrical Resistivity (microhm-cm (at 68 Deg F)) 225
Melting Point (Deg F) 2140
Modulus of Elasticity Tension 22000



Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranty: In no event will South Coast Industrial Metals or any of its affiliates be liable for any damages arising from the use of the information included in this document or that it is suitable for the ‘applications’ noted. We believe the information and data provided to be accurate to the best of our knowledge but, all data is considered typical values only. It is intended for reference and general information and not recommended for specification, design or engineering purposes. South Coast Industrial Metals, Inc. assumes no implied or express warranty in regard to the creation or accuracy of the data provided in this document.